Canon, Lore, and meandering yarns await.

Welcome to Earth Tau™

Super strength does nothing to reduce your insurance costs. If it wasn't for the Hero Cores work with Earth Tau's governments; the life of a super would be a life of poverty.

Welcome to Earth Tau. You will find a lot of familiarities here, to your life on Earth. On Earth Tau however, we have known for generations that we are not alone. For centuries the humanity of Earth Tau has been building relationships between worlds and dimensions. As you can imagine, this had infinite changes to the Dimension of Earth Tau.

Aliens? Check.
Supers?, Check.
Multi- Dimensional Travel? How do you think this game got in your hands?/How do you think you're reading about this right now?

There have been numerous wars, and some horrors; but the ever persistent drive to make things better for tomorrow has never ended. Earth Tau™ focuses on the reality of a world with supers. Flyby drive thru, emerging power adolescence insurance. Like your world, but extra.

Over the last few decades Earth Tau comics has iconized their modern day supers in various graphic novels and multi-year runs of comics. BÆM™ however, is a more recent development in Earth Tau™. Discovered during one of those multi-dimensional excursions you were asking about earlier.

Supers are living their best lives in modern day Earth Tau™, due in large part to Helios and his formation and continued work with the Hero Core. Think of it as an international union for Supers, if you're willing to abide by the Hero Code.

Super Drama

It is not all rosey here on Earth Tau™. We always have an existential crisis of some magnitude happening here. Archfiend, (our current Devil of this dimension), summoned his master Beur in an all out fight with the one and only Licorice Whip in his 50 story Candy Mech in Downtown Denver yesterday. Someone turned the volcano in Wee Scotties Putt-Putt to a real life erupting volcano. Clean up is still ongoing, but the Hero Core’s Super construction crews will have it done before the Putt Putts Friday night Rave Games.

You read that right, the Devil is real and he will kinda grant your wish, in exchange for your soul of course. 

Earth Tau™ has been in co-development with BÆM™ and the CBG™ system over the last 8 years. We are storytellers first, and BÆM™ is a great new way to tell parts of the Earth Tau™ story.

The Dimension of Earth Tau™ was built with expansion and the ability to consistently create interesting stories from multiple viewpoints in a reality not far from Earth. During our development we have created some in house systems to keep our intentions consistent.

How does our team of two tackle the development of a multi-dimensional, multiverse kitchen sink world of characters? One bite at a time.

Wait, what? No. systems, data tables, algorithms, banging your head against the wall and seeing what sticks. You get what we’re saying.


Developing a universe that is a slightly twisted mirror of the diversity of our reality is tricky.

You have personal biases, overreaching fixes that generate over-representation, and ultimately the individual viewer's perspective based on their personal biases all render hand curation a fool's errand. Using Census data, math, and other herbs and spices, our REALITY™ system has assisted us in the generation of over 343* characters to date. All with a basis in real-world data, we have a more accurate diverse collection of characters, with details in age, gender, body type, mother and fathers families international city of origin, as well as two dozen other character details to lay the groundwork for each character before development.


A parallel universe where the dominant evolved species originated from the platypus. Heaven. Hell. An unknown element to our reality evolves into our equivalent of homosapien. Where thought dictates reality in an ever transforming universe... We have a system for that.

PARALLEL™ allows us to manage, generate and predict a variety of realities within a construct that we can use to enrich the possibilities of Earth Tau™.

T.M.E.™ (Table of Magical Elements)

Like pasta sauce, it’s in the name. Our T.M.E.™ system was developed to expand our magic system beyond the normal capabilities of our small team, also magic is swell. The system allows for a power source element in concept and color. We need to do the math, but it is a evolving system that gives us a massive number of possibilities exponentially higher than the sum of its parts.

These systems were our response to making something better, making something new. They are indicative of our ability to not only create, but improve upon our own tools of creation.

Tales From Earth Tau™

Check back with this section of the website as we will be adding our past Tales from Earth Tau as we add to this site.